How we work


We are the team you come to first to help figure out what problem you’re actually trying to solve. We uncover your purpose, identify your audience, define your content, and figure out how to accomplish your goals with the resources at hand. Here’s how we do it.

Project-based consulting

We collaborate with individuals and organizations to help conceive and execute creative projects. For strategic help with a one-off project, or a long-term relationship with creative thought partners, give us a call.

Strategy packages

Smart Start

A quick, cost-effective way to jumpstart any creative project. Includes an intake questionnaire, 2-hour workshop, and our findings & recommendations.

Most effective for solopreneurs, start-ups, and small nonprofits in need of strategic input, creative brainstorming, or a sounding board.

Strategy Intensive

An expert-led process that is diagnostic, consultative, and action-oriented. Our signature package includes research, a customized workshop, and a comprehensive set of insights and achievable action steps. Plus ten hours of our time to help you move forward.

Most effective for organizations at a time of transition — those about to embark on major website overhaul or rebrand, launch a new product or initiative, or prepare to move into a new stage of growth.

Strategic Advising

Sometimes, unstructured time is the best for collaboration. With hourly strategic advising, we can be available for ad-hoc strategy sessions, quick feedback, and a trusted second opinion.

Most effective for anyone who needs a communications expert on call, or for projects without a clearly defined scope.

Workshops & trainings

We share our knowledge in the form of workshops, trainings, and coaching sessions. Our expertise includes:

  • Intro to Accessibility (for general audiences, content producers, or designers)

  • Getting a Handle on Your Content

  • How to Write an Effective RFP

  • Content Production for the Web

  • Website Redesign Preparation: Audits, Stakeholder Engagement & Firm Selection