Co-founded by Megan Canning and Rachel Crawford, The Constellation Collective is a strategy consultancy that works with female leaders and creatives on communications with purpose.


Dear Friends & Colleagues,

Working in the client service business can feel like circumnavigating the globe on a piece of driftwood. It’s easy to feel isolated, powerless against the whims of the market, and, frankly, burned out. And, a lot of times, our clients don’t fare much better.

So we started talking about what it might look like to become more intentional about our work community—clients and collaborators alike. Who do we want to work with? What gets us excited? What ideas and people are we proud to contribute our expertise to? And—what do people need?

Answering those questions led us to form The Constellation Collective.

We want to be the team that you come to first in order to help you figure out what problem you are actually trying to solve, what purpose you are trying to meet, what your content is, what shape or form it needs to take, who you are trying to reach with your communications, and how best to accomplish all of this with the resources (intellectual and financial) at hand.

This is what we mean by creative strategy consulting.

Read more here about why we got started and what we hope to do.

— Megan & Rachel



Our Services

We work with organizations to create strategies for creative projects with purpose. We help people make better, more inclusive things through planning, connecting, and managing.

Our Work

We build behind-the-scenes strategies and help create the compelling communications that follow, backed by a diverse community of creatives who share our values.

Who We Are

We founded The Constellation because we believe in the power of design and communications to make change, and that great strategy is a necessary ingredient.